Elif Uysal-Bıyıkoğlu

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+90 (312) 210-2318
uelif metu.edu.tr
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Prof. Uysal Biyikoglu is currently on the Technical Programme Commitees of:IEEE MobiHoc 2017, IEEE ICC (International Conference on Communications) 2017, IEEE Globecom 2017, and IEEE WiOpt 2017. She is an associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Communication.


Ph. D: Stanford University; S.M.: Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.S, METU

Research Interests: 
  • Efficient transmission of data over networks
  • Network Theory and its junction with Communication and Information Theory
  • Energy Harvesting Networks
  • Scheduling and Resource Allocation 
  • Fundamentals of Wireless Networking

Recent papers: 

  • Yin Sun, Yury Polyanskiy and Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu, "Beyond the Age-of-Information: Real-time Sampling and Estimation of Brownian Motion", preprint.
  • I. Kadota,E. Uysal-Biyikoglu, R. Singh, and E. Modiano, Minimizing Age of Information in Broadcast Wireless Networks, Invited paper, 54th Annual Allerton Conf.On on Communi­cation, Control, and Computing, Sept 27-30, 2016, Monticello, Il, USA.
  • Y. Sun, Elif Uysal-Biyikoglu, Roy Yates, C. Emre Koksal, and Ness Shroff, "Update or Wait: How to Keep Your Data Fresh," IEEE INFOCOM 2016, San Francisco, CA, USA, April 2016. 
  • E. T.  Ceran, T. Erkiliç, E. Uysal-Biyikoglu, T. Girici, and Kemal Leblebicioglu, Optimal Energy Allocation Policies for a High Altitude Flying Wireless Access Point, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, to appear, 2016.
  • Chamanian, H. Ulusan, O. Zorlu, S. Baghaee, E. Uysal-Biyikoglu, H. Kulah, Wearable battery-less wireless sensor network with electromagnetic energy harvesting system, Sensors and Actuators A: Physical, Vol. 249 (1), pp. 7784, Oct 2016.
Recent Patent:
  • A Akman, F Ozelik, E Uysal-Biyikoglu, C Kement, "Energy Harvesting Communication System", Patent Registration no. 2013 01138 (Turkey), May 21, 2015.

Recent invited talks:

  • (upcoming) Foundations of Wireless Networking, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, July 2017
  • “Lazy Schedules for Freshest Data and Optimal Use of Renewable Energy in Networks”,  Micro and Nano Technology Lab, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, Sept 30, 2016.
  • Energy Harvesting Networks”, Northeastern University, Boston, April 23, 2016.
  • AGELESS: Scheduling Policies with Age as Objective”, ITA 2016, Information Theory and Applications Workshop, University of California San Diego, February 5, 2016.
  • “Age_of information: controlling the freshness of status updates under energy constraints”, Keynote, The Gelenbe Symposium, Imperial College, London. September 21, 2015.
  • “When to Update Data”, LIDS, MIT, October 2015.
Awards & Grants: 
  • Young Scientist Prize Scholarship, The Science Academy (Turkey), 2014-2016
  • IEEE Senior Member, 2014
  • IBM Faculty Award, 2011
  • TUBTAK Kariyer Research Grant (2007-2009.)
  • NSF Foundations of Communication Research Grant (2006-2009.)
  • Runner up for best paper, INFOCOM 2001.
  • First place in the EE Ph.D. Quals at Stanford University, among 144 candidates (1999.)
  • Stanford Graduate Fellow (1999-2003.)
  • MIT Vinton Hayes Fellow (1997-1998.)
  • NATO Science Fellow (1997, scholarship not used)
  • Ranked 1 in the graduating class of 1997 of the Middle East Technical University
  • Bulent Kerim Altay Prize, awarded 6 times by METU EE Dept. (1994-1997.)
  • First place in the nationwide University Entrance Examination (OYS) in Turkey, among 750,000 entrants (1993.)
  • Erdös number: 2